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I had planned to hold off on the first post here until I hit the ground at VMworld 2009, but I had something happen this week that deserves special mention.

Without getting too specific, as it's no longer a problem, I had a bit of an issue with VMware earlier in the week. I ran afoul of a particular policy, and I wanted to talk the appropriate party responsible for said policy and ask them to revise it. I talked to eight different people in and around VMware without making any real headway. Everyone seemed very understanding, but told me that they couldn't really help; all they could do was pass me along to someone else.

I totally understand how these sorts of things happen. It's a big company, it was a grey area, and the issue affected only a small handful of people. With everything that must be going on there this week, it's easy to see how people may have wanted to avoid making any extra noise.

But that didn't help me any. I thought about how to best proceed, and I considered posting something semi-inflamatory here and trying to spread it around through various social networking outlets. Maybe I could embarrass someone into action. As much fun as that would have been, I do try hard to only be a jerk when it's the last resort. Also when I think it would be really funny, but that didn't apply here.

In poking around looking for an appropriate outlet, I discovered Rick Blythe at Rick's the Social Media Specialist at VMware, sort of a customer advocate that keeps an eye on Twitter and the VMware Communities looking for issues that may have fallen through the bureaucratic cracks.

I gave Rick a short blurb about my issue, and within two days he had the policy revised and my issue put to bed. I have no idea how he got that done (pet theory: compromising pictures of executives), but I'm exceedingly greatful.

I wasn't aware Rick's role existed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Do keep him in mind should you run into a problem going through the official channels.

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  1. WoW Steve! I could not be more honored by your post. Thanks so very much!!

    And thanks for spreading the word that we’re trying to do the right thing at VMware.

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