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VMworld 2009 General Session – Wednesday

About 45 minutes to go until the start of today's General Session. Last year's featured demos of VMware Fault Tolerance, ThinApp, and View, so we should be in for something interesting. As with yesterday, I'll do a half-assed live blog thing during the session. Later in the week I'll post additional thoughts on both days.

And I'm in. I know that picture looks a lot like yesterday's. Just a coincidence.

Rumor is that the list price of all the gear powering the VMworld datacenter is around $35 million. Of that, $3.50 went to wireless access points, and so ends my live blogging experience.

I have notes from the session, but right now I'm a bit fried from taking (and passing) the VCP410 exam, so I'll post a write-up a bit later.

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