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Content! Sweet, Sweet Content!

I have a bit of an experiment going on over at Chris Wahl's site, which you can see here.

The thought is that maybe having someone harass me periodically for content may lead to more being produced. I'm not sure that follows, but as we've gone almost two years without anything gracing this page, I suppose it's worth a shot.

I'm about 80% pleased with that post. I wish it were a little tighter, a little more focused, and had more of a through-line, but it's in the can and now someone else's problem.  Coming back here to post this little meta-update, I'm struck by how different it is from the Hypervisor Choice post a ways down. It's almost a complete 180. It's as if my opinions have changed based on my experiences.  Growth, I think they call it.

Anyway, read that thing, or don't. I don't know what else to tell you.


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